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Here at Readycrest we are more then aware that Mother nature needs a little TLC from everyone including us. We have and always will aim to be as environmentally conscious as possible, as a simple CTRL+ALT+DEL or a plug back in of a phone won’t clear the carbon footprint that can be left behind from technology.

We are always looking and evaluating what we use as a company as well as what we sell to our customers, making sure that the impact on the environment is as minimal as possible.

Many of our products we use are power efficient, use recycled packaging and some of our providers are even 100% carbon offset.

We actively recycle as much as we can in our office. We recycle, glass, plastics, card, paper, metal containers, batteries, printer cartridges, as well as non functioning equipment. We also re-use the boxes and packaging (where possible) from our orders from suppliers.

Unused equipment such as PCs and monitors are turned off when not being used and overnight. It may not seem amazing, but it really does help.

We have, and will always prefer to use suppliers that share our environmental standards and practices but we make sure it doesn’t compromise the quality of services and products we supply you.

When we are on a site for an install we make sure where possible all recyclable materials are recycled there and then or they are brought back to the office to be disposed of correctly.

Is there anything else we can do?

Of course there is and we have made a commitment to regularly review our processes and those of our suppliers to ensure we as a business and our staff all do as much as reasonably possible to reduce any negative impact we have.