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The Evoko Room Manager, with its clear touch-screens located outside the meeting rooms, was a leap forward in efficient meeting room management. Using our new software version, Evoko Room Manager EVO, you can for the first time take full advantage of the valuable information found in your organisation’s meeting patterns. Get an overview of and analyse detailed statistics of your meeting habits to optimise the use of your resources.

Both on a personnel level and in terms of facilities. Moreover, you can now control and monitor all the touch-screens remotely from your computer. If you have a large number of meeting rooms, you will get a completely new kind of decision-making support, this saving you a great deal of both time and money.

Valuable statistics – saves you a considerable amount of time and cuts costs.

By analysing the data the Evoko Room Manager EVO gathers, a clear decision-making support is offered allowing you to optimise the company’s use of resources and to improve the company’s meeting culture.

Remote Management – manage the units faster and smoother than ever.

You can monitor all units, upgrade the software and update the settings directly from your computer.

Simplicity – just as easy and efficient as Evoko Room Manager has always been.

Schedule meetings directly in Outlook, via the cloud, your smartphone/tablet or directly on the screens outside the meeting rooms. No new hardware or software needs to be added to your own system – no infringement of IT security. All the smart functions from the previous version providing you hassle free booking and meeting room management

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