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Today, as the division between our personal and business lives blurs, more people are working outside the office. For example, people want the freedom to work at home when the kids are home from school sick—or to quickly review a document on their phones while they wait to board a flight. While on a customer visit, access to current and accurate information can make the difference between winning and losing a sale. To keep up with the speed of business today, employees need access to business applications wherever they go. Workers today expect to have flexibility in where and when they work—so much so that this can be a differentiator in attracting and retaining the best people.

Increased mobile and remote work creates challenges, though. Many people do work on their personal mobile devices, which can cause management headaches and security risks. As a small or midsize business, you need to provide a secure, reliable remote connection to your applications without spending a lot of money, and without taking up all your IT staff’s time.

Small and midsize businesses are doing their work on a growing range of mobile devices. To be productive, ideally your employees want the flexibility to work on whatever type of device they choose, whether desktop PCs, tablets, laptops, or convertibles.

At the same time, to be productive, they need a consistent, seamless work experience as they move from one device to another. Many businesses are struggling to balance the flexibility in the use of mobile devices with the need for consistency and control.

With an increasingly mobile and remote workforce, one challenge for many businesses is to provide secure access from mobile devices and remote PCs to applications that are hosted on-site. There are a lot of different types of applications that may run on local servers, like accounting, CRM, or HR applications. Employees working at home or on mobile devices want to access these applications. But this can create risks. Laptops are all too often lost or stolen. “Bring your own device,” or BYOD, is commonplace as employees use their personal devices for work. It can be difficult to control access when it is being done off-site on laptops an devices.

The challenge is to enable your people to be productive anywhere, while maintaining the peace of mind that your data is protected.

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