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ExchangeDefender is a transparent Internet messaging hygiene and business continuity system designed to secure your incoming and outgoing email infrastructure from email threats before they can damage your servers and workstations.

Mail for your domain is pointed to the ExchangeDefender network where it is scanned for dangerous content, Viruses and SPAM. ExchangeDefender is a global network, spanning 2400 servers in over 14 data centres.  Outbound email can also be routed via ExchangeDefenders content protection, and therefore email addresses from outgoing emails are transparently added to your whitelist.

Your users will get much less SPAM and NO viruses. ExchangeDefender also offers a LiveArchiving business continuity system, enabling access to your emails should a server or Internet down situation occur.

Business Continuity & LiveArchive - One of the most critical components of an external mail security solution is its reliability.  You need something that will be far more reliable than your own mail infrastructure so if you ever experience an outage you have that extra layer of mail redundancy. ExchangeDefender meets and exceeds that requirement through its LiveArchive business continuity services. LiveArchive is a fully functional standalone email system with your users, your corporate identity and your passwords.

ExchangeDefender is running on highly reliable geo-redundant webmail system and can be accessed by any Internet enabled computer via a web browser.  

User SPAM Reports - Each user (and each email address) on the ExchangeDefender system can receive up to two daily reports directly to their inbox. These reports, daily and intraday, show your users which email was classified as SPAM and gives them an option to release the message to their inbox.

If access to quarantined email is critical users have full 24/7 access to the SPAM quarantines via the web, containing past 7 days worth of junk mail.

ExchangeDefender is RFC compliant and works with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Novell Groupwise, Sendmail, Postfix, Qmail, Imail, and any other SMTP mail server.

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