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LAVA makes computer interfaces, and have been doing so since 1984. They specialise in RS-232 serial ports, and have designed and manufactured serial interfaces for a range of buses: PCI, PCIe, ISA, USB, and Ethernet. We’re also experienced with parallel port interfacing, and the ground-breaking LAVA Parallel-PCI still sets the standard for speed and reliability.

USB to Serial Adapters - LAVA’s USB-Serial Links add two or four RS-232 serial ports on any USB port. A great way to add serial ports to a laptop.

Ether-Serial Device Servers - LAVA’s Ether-Serial Links are built to use Ethernet as a bus in a way similar to a PCI bus — resulting in not just a transport medium for data but in hardware that is easier to use.

PCI Bus I/O Cards -5V/3.3V PCI. Adds 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 COM ports and 1 or 2 EPP ports to any PCI equipped PC. All ports share same IRQ. Extensive driver support for Win, Linux, TheOS, QNX, etc. Designed & manufactured in Canada. LAVA LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Wireless Ether-Serials - LAVA has expanded its Ether-Serial Link serial device server line with wireless Ethernet variants of its ESL 1-232-DB9, ESL 2-232-DB9, ESL 1-232-RJ45, and ESL 2-232-RJ45 units.

These new wireless serial device servers support 802.11a or 802.11b+g modes, with choices of WEP 64, WEP 128, WPA (TKIP), or WPA2 (AES) encryption. They retain all the functionality of the standard LAVA Ether-Serial Links, with DHCP/manual IP address configuration, intuitive installation and configuration, full-throughput non-blocking serial ports at 115.2 kbps, and upgradeable firmware.

The serial ports are configurable in a variety of modes: Windows-implemented ports (driver mode), raw TCP client connections, raw TCP server connections, raw data connections (client + server), Ethernet modems (accepting Hayes-compatible command strings), or RFC 2217 controlled ports (serial control over Telnet).

The wireless Ether-Serial Links include full Windows support from Windows XP through Windows 7, as well as Linux support. In raw modes they are operating system independent.

They include a power supply, the LAVA Ether-Link Manager application (Windows), and of course, the LAVA Lifetime Warranty.

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