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What is Business Continuity?

Recent statistics* suggest that over half of UK SMEs don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place to protect their business against data loss, network outage and other IT disasters and of the SMEs that do have systems in place, 83% admit their preparations are ‘less than excellent’.

In response to this, Gamma have developed a clever new service called Business Continuity. The service can be accessed via a secure website or through an easy to use app available for use on Android, iOS (Apple), Windows Mobile or BlackBerry devices.

With one simple monthly charge for all your inbound calls, including extensive call management and full control via a smartphone app, Business Continuity offers you flexibility, convenience and the reassurance that you are in full control of your call routing, no matter what else is happening.

Who is it for?

Any SME business looking to complete its business continuity puzzle will benefit from the Gamma Business Continuity app. It offers a real solution to a real-life problem experienced by most businesses. After all, what value would you put on peace of mind for your business?

* Source: AXA Business Continuity Guide for small business



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