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Did you know that hacking and other abuse of business telephony is becoming as big as credit card fraud? An increasing number of businesses have reported that over a weekend their phone system has been hacked and that expensive international calls have been made using their phone number.

This type of misuse is committed by complex networks of international criminals who effectively hack into your telephone system and pass (often premium) traffic through your telephone lines. With this type of abuse the liability for the cost of the calls falls to your business! To a network provider like Gamma the calls are seen as coming from your phone system and therefore you are liable for the bill.

The CallGuard service protects your business from such activity. The network detects unusual usage and automatically bars the line, meaning that you are only ever liable for the calls up until the bar is in place.

Who is it for? This protection service is available to all of our customers and is particularly beneficial to customers with large phone system installations at their sites. From as little as £1.00 a month, you can protect yourself and rest assured that your business will not fall victim to unscrupulous activity.

If you already have some protection through your phone equipment you can also benefit from this product as it guarantees that the network will never allow unusual activity on your account to continue unchecked.

Through Gammas state-of-the-art network they will monitor your business traffic to make sure they spot unusual or possibly fraudulent calls as soon as possible. They will protect your business by making sure any unusual activity on your numbers is identified quickly and stopped.

To enhance your protection you can also use CallGuard in conjunction with some of Gammas standard barring options. Gamma are able to permanently bar your numbers from making the following types of calls:

International calls, Premium rated calls (09 numbers), Mobile calls, 118 calls, All calls barred

It’s quick and easy to remove the bar should you find that the calls identified as fraudulent are part of your genuine business activity, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Readycrest and Gamma will manage the services for you so there is nothing for you to do accept rest assured that you’ll be looked after from the moment your telephone service transfers to us.



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