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Fax to Email provides small businesses with a confidential, efficient and green fax to email solution on either existing or ported geographic (01, 02, 03) and non-geographic numbers (0844, 0871).

Along with a choice of numbers and the ability to move costly existing fax machines to this service, you will also benefit from an online management portal, allowing complete management of fax numbers and email addresses, along with the ability to establish specific user or department access and assign corresponding fax numbers to them.

The online portal enables faxes to be archived in a secure environment, thereby reducing the costs associated with printing and storage, and ensuring your faxes are always available wherever you are.

Through the number published as your fax number and registered with the service, any faxes received can be automatically converted to a PDF file and sent to a nominated email account, as well as being visible through the online portal.

All of this is available at a single fixed monthly rate with no call charges!

Using Fax to Email you can take advantage of any of the following numbers at a fixed one-off price that includes all call charges:

Alternatively, you can port your existing services to take advantage of this offering over your existing base

Fax to Email


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With our expertise and experience you can be assured that any solution will be professionally planned and deployed, and will be administered and maintained after installation meaning you can carry on with business leaving the problems with us.