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Outbound call services enable you to select Gamma Business Communications to carry your calls over our industry leading IP-ready network. It’s all automatic, so there is no need to dial a prefix or install specialist equipment.

You can benefit from a range of competitively-priced call plans to suit traffic profiles, with different call plans focused on UK, mobile and business calls. The Gamma outbound call services can be combined to include phone line rental and other related services so you just get one bill from one provider.

We also offer unique fraud protection tools to quickly alert you to any mis-use or abuse of your outbound call service.

By choosing Gamma Business Communications to route your outbound calls, you no longer need to pay the high call charges set by your existing provider. You can switch to us easily and your calls are routed automatically.

You can save money on your calls by choosing a call plan that better suits the needs of your business. You will have a dedicated named account manager to manage the transfer for you. You’ll benefit from our and Gamma’s network expertise and excellent customer service.

For larger organisations with complex existing contracts in place, we often start the relationship with outbound calls and lines and build the relationship from there over time. This allows you to test the service and value we provide with Gamma, without necessarily entering into a long-term contract with a new supplier.

Although outbound calls are similar from provider to provider, Gamma have some unique features. Firstly, calls are carbon neutral, whereby the power consumption is offset. Secondly, Gamma can bill and analyse calls right down to individual DDIs on a per extension basis.

Finally, they have a number of sophisticated fraud protection tools in place that ensure, should your service be abused, that we can quickly identify abnormal calling patterns and let you know before you incur huge costs for international calling scams, for example.

In addition, call charges can be combined with other services Gamma provide on a single bill to make management and admin easier for you. You may also like to take advantage of the simple online billing service.

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With our expertise and experience you can be assured that any solution will be professionally planned and deployed, and will be administered and maintained after installation meaning you can carry on with business leaving the problems with us.

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