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Significant  investments  in  analogue  CCTV  systems  may  have already been made. The technology shift to network video does not, however, mean that existing analogue CCTV investments have to be discarded. With an Axis network video solution, you can integrate your existing analogue system into an IP-based solution. The solution enables you to take advantage of numerous functionalities such as remote pan/tilt/zoom, Power over Ethernet, audio  detection  and  video  motion  detection, while meeting user requirements for image quality, recording capabilities, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

An analogue system typically consists of analogue cameras, coax cabling, DVRs and monitors. The different types of equipment usually have various life cycles and need to be replaced accordingly. Once the major investment has been done, it is likely that the end-user will repurchase new equipment that is compatible with the original architecture. Only after a number of years, the whole system will be replaced when deemed absolutely necessary. To give an example; a DVR typically has a considerably shorter lifecycle than a camera. At some point it needs to be replaced. Coax cabling is already in place and there are analogue cameras providing incoming video. The easy decision might be to just replace the DVR and stay analogue. To replace all cameras to IP cameras, replace all cabling and hook up a server with VMS will be a heavier investment that might be pushed out in the future. The end-user is then locked into an old legacy system and the shift into an updated and future proof system still lies ahead. However, it does not need to be like this. This is where encoders come into play. They are an IP based solution but are compatible with the analogue cameras and coax cabling.

There are different kinds of surveillance installations were encoders could be used. One type of installation is remodel deployments where there is construction to a new building. Take for an example an airport. It may today have an analogue surveillance system. There is a decision to build a new terminal and thus a need to extend the surveillance system. The obvious choice is to go for an IP based system with network cameras. The good news is that the existing surveillance system can be upgraded to an IP system by using encoders. All installed coax cabling can then be re-used. The encoders convert the analogue video signals to highly efficient H.264 streams, the same streams you get from today’s network cameras. The airport authorities get one video surveillance system, with one Video Management Software and one user interface across the airport. Old and inadequate cameras can be replaced, while the rest can be used for the remainder of their functional lifecycle. This solution can be achieved with a small extra investment for encoders and VMS to convert the legacy CCTV system and no DVR is needed.

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