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Edge storage is a concept in Axis network cameras and video encoders that allow them to record video directly to a storage device such as an SD/SDHC card. When integrated with video management software (VMS), edge storage helps create more robust and flexible video surveillance systems for mission-critical installations, remote locations, or mobile situations.

Edge storage allows a network video device to create, control and manage recordings either locally to a SD/SDHC card, or to network shares such as Network-Attached Storage (NAS).

Edge storage works as a complement to central storage. It can record video locally when the central system is not available, or continuously record in parallel. When used together with video management software (VMS), missing video clips resulting from network disruptions or central system maintenance, can later be retrieved from the camera and merged with the central storage, ensuring the user gets uninterrupted video recordings.

Additionally, edge storage can improve video analysis for systems with low network bandwidth where video cannot be streamed at highest quality. By supporting low bandwidth monitoring with high quality local recordings, users can optimise bandwidth limitations and still retrieve high quality video from incidents for detailed investigation.

Edge storage can also be used to manage recordings in remote locations and other installations where there is intermittent or no network availability. On trains and other rail bound vehicles, edge storage can be used to record video onboard and then transferred to the central system when the vehicle stops at a depot.

Decentralised storage- In certain scenarios with the decentralisation of storage you can eliminate the need and cost for an onsite server, DVR, NVR or PC for recorded video.

Redundancy- Fail-over recording means that images can be temporarily stored in the network camera in case of network failure. The functionality provides increased system reliability and safeguards system operation.

Low bandwidth- In applications where bandwidth is limited, the operator can view live video in in low resolution, while recording HDTV quality images locally on the camera.

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