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ONVIF is an open industry forum for the development of a global standard for the interface of IP-based physical security products.

Founded in 2008 by Axis, Bosch and Sony, the forum rapidly gained momentum and is today endorsed by the majority of the world’s largest manufacturers of IP video products.

The ONVIF specification ensures interoperability between IP-based physical security products regardless of brand. There are many ONVIF-conformant products available on the market, which allows system integrators and end users to easily design and build network video systems with devices from different vendors.

The scope of ONVIF covers network video products as well as physical access control products. The cornerstones of the organization are:

Standardisation of communication between IP-based physical security devices

Interoperability between IP-based physical security products regardless of manufacturer

Open to all companies and organizations

Axis and ONVIF

Axis was one of the first companies on the market to launch products with ONVIF support: AXIS P3301/-V Fixed Dome Network Cameras. Most of the products in the Axis portfolio now include ONVIF support.

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