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Milestone Arcus is a video surveillance platform designed to be embedded in hardware devices, enabling technology partners to deliver customised, co-branded, market-ready surveillance solutions.

Milestone pre-configures and embeds the surveillance platform into hardware devices running Linux, Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows operating systems to quickly deliver combined solutions to a market that increasingly demands low-complexity surveillance solutions.

Hardware technology partners can leverage Milestone’s expertise and brand to expand their product range with a co-branded solution at low risk and low cost.

This enables the partners to focus on their core business whilst expanding their product offering with a new, combined best-of-breed video surveillance platform.

With this in mind, we have reviewed and tested many different options on the market and we have found that the Razberi series of ServerSwitches offer a superb range of different options to meet your specific needs.

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Arcus Features

Installation and Configuration

Plug-and-Play deployment


Robust recording engine built with Milestone’s expertise and reliability.

Web-based Client

Web client requires no plug-ins. Works across multiple browsers and devices.

Live View


Mobile Apps

The Milestone Arcus mobile applications provide live view and playback features for both iOS, Android & Windows Mobile.

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