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Designed to be used with colour or day / night cameras the Raylux series of High Performance White-Light LED illuminators provide class leading performance, long life, energy efficiency and zero maintenance. They incorporate the very latest surface mount LED’s to deliver excellent night-time pictures with improved optical output and outstanding reliability.

The unique Adaptive Illumination™ concept provides the flexibility to alter the angle of illumination on site to suit specific security needs and to match the camera’s field of view. Raylux illuminators are also purpose designed to provide even output illumination. Each unit is fitted with Active LED Life Control to carefully control LED output, delivering consistent illumination power and a projected working life of 10 years.

Raylux illuminators are supplied with bracket and power supply. Control features on the power supply include adjustable power output, photocell and telemetry control.

The new series of Raylux White-Light Panoramic illuminators represent the latest development in ultra wide 180° illumination, for seamless, full scene CCTV images at night. Panoramic illuminators now offer a much better spread of light and longer illumination distances, making them perfect for wide angle, PTZ or 360° dome cameras covering large areas.

All Panoramic illuminators utilise holographic lens technology to spread and control the light, creating a softer and more even distribution. Panoramic units feature Hot- Spot Reduction Technology (HRT), directing the light where it is most needed to not only deliver longer illumination distances and minimise light waste, but also to provide full scene coverage without hot spots caused by over-exposure. Raylux Panoramic illuminators incorporate the latest surface mount LED technology to deliver provide class leading performance and quick start lighting on demand, long life, energy efficiency and zero maintenance.

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With our expertise and experience you can be assured that any solution will be professionally planned and deployed, and will be administered and maintained after installation meaning you can carry on with business leaving the problems with us.

Thought Raylux range


High Voltage, White-Light

Key Features

• Adaptive Illumination™

• Angles from 10 – 180 + degrees

• Energy Saving

• Quick Start

• Active LED life control

• 5 Year Warranty

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