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The Vario I series illuminators combine the latest advances in optics, remote control, electronic feedback and green technology into an outstanding all round package.

The unique Vario beam pattern system is the latest development in interchangeable holographic optics and allows users to precisely match the angle of illumination to the required field of view. Vario lenses use hot-spot reduction technology (HRT) to produce images far better than those possible with normal LED illuminators. The HRT system delivers a highly diffused elliptical beam shape to deliver light directly to where it is most needed, allowing greater illumination distances, reducing light and energy wastage and preventing the overexposure of foreground objects.

A standard kit includes interchangeable lenses to deliver angles of 10, 35 and 60 degrees out of the box; enough flexibility to cover most applications. Vario illuminators are supplied complete with bracket and operate directly from a 12-24V input.

 The Vario IP PoE series of network illuminators is a new range of fully IP controllable Infra-Red lighting designed for all CCTV and security installations. Vario IP offers the ultimate flexibility in terms of power input including both PoE (at standard PoE+/PoE++) or low voltage (24V DC). Vario IP provides remote access for quick and easy set up, commissioning operation and maintenance of your lighting scheme. Each Vario IP illuminator has an integrated web interface enabling users to configure, manage and instantly control large lighting installations, from anywhere on the network.

 The Vario hybrid series provides an all-in-one solution, seamlessly combining Raytec’s latest Infra-Red and White-Light LED technology – all housed in a single unit for easy installation and operation. Specifically designed for use with external detectors or alarm inputs, the Infra-Red can be used for general CCTV surveillance and the White-Light can be triggered on alarm to act as a deterrent or to provide additional colour picture information.

The Vario D-Zoom illuminators deliver Raytec’s class leading LED technology with the capability to adjust the beam

angle remotely to ensure optimal performance at all times.

Available in both Infra-Red and White-Light, Vario D-Zoom provides a zoomable lighting system that easily integrates with any CCTV, IP or PTZ camera system. The unit has been designed to provide a beam angle that can be smoothly adjusted from 10 to 80 degrees – without any moving parts in order to deliver outstanding reliability.

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With our expertise and experience you can be assured that any solution will be professionally planned and deployed, and will be administered and maintained after installation meaning you can carry on with business leaving the problems with us.

Thought Vario range


Low Voltage, Infra-Red and White-Light

Key Features

• Vario interchangeable lensing

• Hot-spot reduction technology

• Vario remote control

• Adaptive Illumination™

• IP PoE Network Illuminators

• Hybrid Lighting

• 5 Year Warranty

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