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Milestone has specially designed and developed all XProtect add-on products so they fully integrate with XProtect VMS. XProtect add-on products are separate software components installed on top of your existing XProtect video system, providing you with extra value and functionality.

XProtect LPR - is license plate recognition (LPR) software that detects license plate information from vehicles around the world and links the license plate number with video. It is a simple way to control vehicle access, for example, for entrance/exit barriers, parking spaces and toll gates.  XProtect LPR can send a notification when a certain license plate is detected, enabling user to quickly take action.

XProtect Transact - Whether your challenge is shrinkage, fraud or simply providing a safe shopping environment, XProtect Transact will help you identify problems involving point-of-sale (POS) and automated teller machine (ATM) devices. By providing a time synchronized interface linking receipt data together with corresponding video, monitoring of operations is extended with actual cash register data.

XProtect Retail - is an investigation tool for performing advanced transaction data analysis. It helps retailers optimise store operations and increase profit by identifying fraud and reducing shrinkage. Based on transaction data from point-of-sale (POS) or automated teller machines (ATMs) typically gathered in Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs), XProtect Retail links data with corresponding video from relevant cameras.

XProtect Smart Wall - is an advanced add-on video wall product that improves response time by displaying all the video data in your installation and giving a complete overview of large surveillance centres. Fully integrated with the XProtect® Smart Client, you can easily create presets defining view layout and content for each XProtect Smart Wall.

XProtect Screen Recorder - is a function that enables XProtect® IP video management software (VMS) to inconspicuously capture screen recordings of any Microsoft® Windows-based PC or point-of-sale (POS) terminal. Captured screen recordings are managed in the same way as video camera data in the XProtect software.

XProtect Plug-ins - are developed by Milestone to add additional capabilities to XProtect video management software (VMS). There are two different types of plug-ins, Input Unit Plug-ins and Software Plug-ins.

XProtect Utilities - are free supplementary software components designed to help users easily maintain their XProtect system. Milestone Utilities seamlessly integrate with XProtect video management software.

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