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Users have a choice of three flexible clients to view each XProtect VMS product: XProtect Smart Client, XProtect Web Client and Milestone Mobile.

Available for free in 26 languages, the XProtect clients give users the ability to access video from any Internet enabled computer and most mobile devices.

XProtect Smart Client - Ultimate control - XProtect Smart Client is the interface used for daily operations; it displays a wide array of features to view video, gain situational awareness, respond to alarms, investigate incidents, and handle evidence. This flexible client can be optimised to handle a variety  of tasks, operator skill levels and working environments. It has the ability to seamlessly support the integration of third-party applications such as building management and access control.

XProtect Web Client - Connect instantly from any computer - XProtect Web Client is an intuitive, web-based interface that provides access to the most common VMS features and functions. Users can view, play back, export video and control outputs, such as opening and closing doors. It requires no training and can be used with the most common browsers and computer operating systems, including Mac computers.

Milestone Mobile - Keeping you close to what’s important - Users can view, play back and export video from almost anywhere with Milestone Mobile, an application for Apple, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices. Milestone Mobile allows users to control outputs and push live video from the device’s camera using Video Push. This feature enables users to easily share live video evidence, providing immediate awareness of incidents.

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