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The new Arcus ServerSwitch appliance takes simplicity to a whole new level. Powered by Milestone Arcus software, the Arcus ServerSwitch replaces the traditional server, storage devices, network switch, and camera power supplies with a single Linux appliance designed for IP video recording. The Arcus ServerSwitch is a compact solution that is ideal for simple, stand-alone, or remote recording applications.

Easy to Install - The initial deployment of this razberi appliance is completed within minutes after connecting a wide choice of supported cameras. The Milestone Arcus software is pre-installed and ready to go, right out of the box. The software license is included with each Arcus ServerSwitch.

Easy to Use - The simple, web-based user interface makes it easy to view live or recorded video, export video evidence, and administer the unit. The user interface is compatible with any browser and doesn’t require any plug-ins or active-X controls with messy security settings. Access the Arcus ServerSwitch from any mobile device with a browser.

Easy to Maintain - Arcus updates are rolled out automatically through one-click system updates. The Linux operating system is designed to be secure and maintenance-free.


• Embedded PoE Smart Switch

• High PoE (802.3at)

• Gigabit Uplink ports – SFP Combo

• 3 Year Warranty on Hardware

• Pre- Installed Milestone Arcus software

• Embedded Linux Operating System

• Software Licenses Included

• Simple, Web-based User Interface

Arcus SmartSwitch

SmartSwitch Models

Choosing the right model

The razberi Arcus ServerSwitch comes in an array of models, with sizes ranging from 4 to 24-ports, storage ranging from 500 GB to 16 TB, and six different processors to choose from. This simple chart illustrates the primary differences in the models to help you choose the best razberi to suit your needs.

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