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The Professional razberi ServerSwitches are open architecture appliances that support any VMS product compatible with Windows 7. Certified software products have been thoroughly tested on razberi appliances to confirm and benchmark performance. All Professional models include a simple install wizard that offers the optional installation of Axis Camera Station, exacqVision, Milestone XProtect, and all OnSSI Ocularis feature sets. Software licenses are sold separately.

Enterprise Solutions - The Professional models can be deployed on the edge of the network and centrally managed with enterprise-class software from Milestone and OnSSI. Connecting IP cameras directly to the razberi appliance and using the built-in VLAN features can reduce or eliminate video streaming on existing company networks. A distributed network of Razberi appliances keeps recorded video on the edge of the network and reduces the costs of building additional network band-width to carry video traffic to central storage location.

Standalone Solutions

The Professional razberi models can be deployed as a self-contained, stand-alone recorder for small to mid-sized systems by using entry-level packages from Axis, Milestone, and OnSSI.


• Embedded PoE Smart Switch

• High PoE (802.3at)

• Gigabit Uplink ports – SFP Combo

• 3 Year Warranty on Hardware

• Pre-Loaded VMS Installation Wizard

• Windows Embedded Standard 7

• Records Up To 1440 fps (1080p)

• e-SATA port for External Storage

M-Pro Storage

MPro Models

Choosing the right model

The razberi MPro ServerSwitch comes in an array of models, with sizes ranging from 4 to 24-ports, storage ranging from 1 TB to 16 TB, and five different processors to choose from. This chart illustrates the primary differences in the models to help you choose the best razberi to suit your needs.

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Milestone XProtect Performance

The following table represents the Razberi ServerSwitch performance under various conditions when hosting Milestone XProtect Corporate

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