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An easy-to-use conference phone that delivers superior sound quality is essential for productive remote meetings. The models in Konftel's 300 series are very similar to look at and many of their key features are the same. OmniSound HD delivers HD-quality audio and useful features, like the conference guide, phonebook and conference group storage, help get your meetings up and running. Many of the models can also connect calls from different connections or lines.

Another smart feature that brings added value to your meetings is audio recording to SD cards. Calls and dictations recorded on the memory card can be played back, saved or shared.

To find the model that best suits your needs, think about how you want to meet. Fixed-line or wireless, small or large situations? Whatever you decide on, you'll be amazed by the outstanding audio quality.

Omnisound HD - Superior Audio Quality

The patented OmniSound audio technology guarantees an impressive and crystal-clear full-duplex audio, allowing you to speak in two

directions for effective participation in virtual meetings. The sound is transmitted clearly and powerfully to all attendees thanks to a hypersensitive microphone with 360° audio pick-up and speakers.

OmniSound HD delivers HD audio during VoIP calls. It also incorporates automatic echo cancellation and noise suppression,which minimises background noise interference, and an equaliser for personal adaptation of the audio properties.

This means you can move about freely in the room, talking, discussing and debating with others without any loss of audio quality and without any annoying sound clipping, damping or echoes. It's as close to real sound as you can get.

300 Series Features


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