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Telephone meetings in conference rooms < 16 people

The most traditional way of conducting teleconferences involves gathering onsite colleagues in the conference room and calling other participants on the phone. Good sound quality is critical for keeping concentration levels high and meetings efficient in this situation. That’s why Konftel’s conference phones incorporate OmniSound, which delivers superb audio quality even in large meetings. In addition to sound quality that keeps everyone on the same page, you’ll appreciate your Konftel’s flexibility.

Expansion microphones more than double your phone’s pickup range, allowing more people to actively participate. You can even connect a wireless headset to models that simultaneously transfer sound from the conference phone and the headset — a particularly useful feature when the person speaking isn’t near a microphone. Because Konftel’s design objective is greater ease of use, our products incorporate numerous smart features.

The conference guide provides instructions for making multiparty calls and for preprogramming call groups, allowing you to reach multiple colleagues with the press of a single button. Our built-in recording capability makes it simple to document calls. This highly useful feature is perfect for colleagues who are unable to attend meetings, and for double-checking meeting decisions. You can replay recorded files on the phone or transfer the memory card to a computer that has an SD memory card reader.

When you want participants to see one another or watch a presentation together, they can use their computers with cameras or a shared screen. Konftel conference phones provide the perfect audio solution — whatever the situation.

Large Meetings

Web & Video Meetings

For your meetings via Skype, MS Lync or other communications software using Konftel as your audio source.

Suggested options - Konftel 300M, Konftel 300W, Konftel 300, Konftel 55W, Konftel 55

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Conference Guide

Call meeting participants with a simple push of a button. The guide provides instructions for programming multiparty calls and regularly scheduled meetings.

Suggested options - Konftel 300M, Konftel 300W, Konftel 300IP, Konftel 300, Konftel 250.

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Recording Calls

Record your meetings or or use it as a dictation device.

Suggested options - Konftel 300M, Konftel 300W, Konftel 300IP, Konftel 300, Konftel 250.

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Increase your phone’s voice pick-up range with expansion microphones

Suggested options - Konftel 300M, Konftel 300IP, Konftel 300, Konftel 250, Konftel 55W.

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A wireless conference phone for DECT integration or connection via cable to a DECT handset, makes it easy to have remote meetings with clear and powerful sound.

Suggested options - Konftel 300M, Konftel 300W, Konftel 55W, Konftel 55.

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