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The range of analogue telephones from Panasonic offer superb value for money. Normally when you choose an analogue handset you are limited by style as well as features, however Panasonic has 5 models in their range that will meet all your business needs along with your TEA/TES PBX.

The handsets are sleek, ultra-modern in design and available in both black and white colour options. They are ergonomically designed with features and functions to enhance users daily productivity, they are ideal for the smaller offices, hotel rooms that are using the TEA or TES phone systems.

The KX-T77 range integrates with Panasonic NS1000 system link with a legacy unit as well as integration with the KX-NCP, KX-TDE and KX-TDA Network Communications Platforms. For these to work on these units other then then the KX-7710 a spare hybrid port will be required.

Equipped with a large, convenient one-touch button panel, message/ringer lamp and data port, the KX-T7700 series are ideal as an office or hotel room phone.

A number of additional functions are also available when connected to a Panasonic PBX system.

Programmable keys (not on KX-T7710) (red/green lamp status) enable one-touch operation of features such as Direct Station Selection (DSS), log-in/log-out, or voicemail transfer. A Busy Lamp Field (BLF) shows which extensions are in use.

Features of the KX-T77 range

Not all features available on all handsets

Quick Look Panasonic Analogue handset line up

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Choice of Colours

Panasonic handsets come in two colours to suit office surroundings ranging from the minimalist, designer, to the more classic, contemporary style.

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Handsfree Options

Due to the great features and functions found with the Panasonic handsets you can make life even more simple by adding a headset.

With a wired jack present on all NT handsets and EHS (Electronic Hook Switch) and Bluetooth available on most models, you have can choose from a wide range of headsets.

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