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The KX-TDA155, KX-TDA156, and KX-TDA158 DECT Cell Stations allow businesses to cost effectively increase employee availability, by allowing calls to be made from many more locations. Providing unhindered access to wireless telephony for up to eight* simultaneous DECT mobility users per cell. Multiple cell stations can be installed to allow more DECT handset users leverage from the wireless solution.

The KX-TDA155 can be easily installed simply by connecting to a Digital Extension card, which registers with the TDA, TDE and NCP systems. The KX-TDA156 & KX-TDA158 requires connection to a Cell Station Interface (CSIF) card, which registers with the TDA and TDE systems. If a legacy system is linked to a NS1000 unit then these cell stations will work with the latest pure IP system.

The KX-NCP158 high density DECT IP CS allows up to eight simultaneous DECT mobility users per cell. The high density IP cell station can be easily installed by simply connecting it to an IP network and then pressing a button to register it with the associated NS1000, NCP or TDE PBX

Extending Wireless Mobility - Extend the range of wireless communication with a high density cell station that boosts the flexibility and mobility of multiple wireless handset. Automatic hand-over between installed wireless cells - enhancing coverage and giving you true communication mobility even within large premises.

Enjoy superb mobility whatever your business demands - Whether you work in an office, a factory, a warehouse, a supermarket, or other large facility, the Panasonic Multi-Cell DECT System keeps you in constant touch with colleagues and customers giving you untethered access while on the move. Enjoy the freedom to communicate wirelessly with crystal clear voice quality.

Wireless Solutions for Branch Offices and Long Distance Premises - Panasonic’s KX-NCP158 IP CS provides wireless solutions for branch offices and long distance installation on larger premises. Helping businesses save costs with converged voice and data networks, whilst utilising existing DECT PS (Portable Station) and existing IP infrastructures.

Wireless Solutions Extended with Repeaters - Panasonic offer the KX-A405 DECT repeater as an ideal solution for when you need to extend the range of your DECT CS (Cell Station), to cover areas where reception was previously not available. The KX-A405 DECT repeater extends the range in all directions, allowing for a wider area to be covered. A single cell station can register up to 6 KX-A405 repeaters while each repeater can support 4 simultaneous transmissions channels.

Business mobility becomes a breeze - with Panasonic wireless mobility solution.

* KX-TDA155 x2 simultaneous users, KX-DA156 x4 simultaneous users, KX-TDA158 x8 simultaneous users.

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DECT Synchronisation & Handover

With the advanced Panasonic DECT hand-over system you can move around you office with freedom, safe in the knowledge that your call will come with you.

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The KKX-A405X-A405 is ideal for customers who need to extend the range of DECT telephones without additional wiring and are therefore easy to install too.

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