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Our Panasonic Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) telephones have been designed to enhance business communications by reducing call costs, simplifying administration, and improving functionality. If you’d like to find out more about individual products in our SIP telephones range, please select from the options below.

High Definition “HD” Audio - The KX-UT series of SIP terminals offers ‘best in class’ audio quality, meaning fewer repeated conversations and misheard calls. Offering Wideband High Definition Audio as standard across the range, the KX-NT5xx series offer G.722, G.711, G.726 and G.729a Codecs. Coupled with Enhanced Echo Cancellation and an Expanded Acoustic Chamber, the KX-UT series of SIP terminals offers a superior audio experience to users over handset, speakerphone and optional headsets. The entire range features wideband compliant, hearing aid compatible handsets, and built-in, high quality speaker and microphone.

LCD Displays - Large, clear LCD displays with intuitive User Interface offer fast access to phonebooks and features.

Electric Hook Switch - A built in Electronic Hook Switch (Plantronics compliant) port allows the KX-UT133, KX-UT136, KX-UT248 SIP Terminals to have access to the Plantronics range of DECT enabled headsets. This offers a range of portability and comfort as frequent users are able to move around freely, without being tied down by handsets. The KX-UT248 also supports Bluetooth® headsets.

Paper Label Free (Self-labelling) - 8 flexible function keys can be constantly displayed, and up to 24 numbers can be registered. Since the numbers are displayed on the screen, a paper label is not required. (Only KX-UT248)

ECO Friendly - Low power consumption, combined with an advanced ECO standby mode means lower energy costs

Features of the SIP UT range

Not all features available on all handsets

Working With More

The Panasonic SIP handsets are all certified for use with Digium Asterisk and Broadsoft Broadworks systems.

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Do you have a question?

If you have a question regarding features, functions, compatibility, or pricing then please get in touch with us via the number at the top of the web page.


Choice of Colours

Panasonic handsets come in two colours to suit office surroundings ranging from the minimalist, designer, to the more classic, contemporary style.

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