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The contact centre environment is changing at an unprecedented rate. New management approaches based on trust and flexibility, smarter workspaces and home working and new unified communication and collaboration technology are all contributing to give companies an incredible chance to improve their service and win new customers.

Far from its traditional ‘factory farm’ image, the modern Contact Centre is a model of advanced HR practice. People are its means and also its product, delivering empathy along with effective service calls for new ways of working and different styles of leadership. You therefore need robust tools that can withstand constant daily use and are comfortable to use for long periods of time. These tools have to be able to reduce background noise, protect against sudden loud sounds and also provide crystal clear audio quality for you and your customers.

The power of the Contact Centre - In an ever more competitive world, delivering an exceptional customer experience is crucial. How customers feel about a company – a key part of the overall Contact Centre business offering – is vitally important. A great customer experience – no matter how it is achieved – will always influence purchasing behaviour.

To deliver on this, the Contact Centre must embrace change. They have to invest in their people and trust and empower them to be more productive. And they should relentlessly explore more flexible ways of working, new styles of leadership and advanced technology.

Unified Communications and the Contact Centre - Contact Centres undoubtedly provide the all-important interface between a company, its brand and the outside world. Although customers are now used to answering simple information requests through self-service and web channels, customers still need and want more complex requests to be handled by a customer service representative.

Unified Communications (UC) is driving customer care in Contact Centres to a new level. To deal with complex queries, customer service representatives in the Contact Centre need to tap into expertise located in different parts of the company through voice. The implementation of UC in the Contact Centre supports the mixing of traditional and PC voice thus enabling 3-way conversations between the customer service representative, the expert and the customer. This provides advisors with both the presence and skills data that is critical to first call resolution.



Plantronics has been formally recognised by the Customer Contact Association (CCA) as delivering best practice in its Contact Centres. Plantronics BV has been awarded CCA Global Standard – the highest award possible – for its European Contact Centre in Hoofddorp, near Amsterdam.