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Go Connect Mobile Client (Go Connect Mobile) is an application for Android mobile phones and tablets that connects to a Go Connect server enabling dialling and collaboration features between mobile and office users of Go Connect.

Dialling Features

Key Benefits

Collaboration Benefits

Geo-Location Features - Go Connect Mobile can be configured by the user of the device to report a text description of their geographical location back to the Go Connect server. The location of the mobile device is made visible to the user’s colleagues via the location field in the Presence screen of the PC Go Connect client (note: only the PC client supports this feature).

Provisioning & Security Features - Go Connect Mobile user configurations can be pre-configured on the server so that the end user need only enter the IP address of the Go Connect server after installing the app on the phone. The server will recognise the user’s mobile and automatically provision user parameters (note: manual set up is also available).

Features at a Glance


Software Assurance

Mondago’s Software Assurance product is designed to protect a customer’s investment through the product life cycle.

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SSL Connectivity

When Go Connect Mobile client makes a connection to a Go Connect server it is authenticated by user name and password. Once the connection is established, SSL can be used to encrypt the transfer of data between the client and server.

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