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Software Assurance is Mondago's software subscription and support program specifically designed to maximise the value of Go Connect solutions. With Software Assurance, a business can profit from product enhancements made available in future software releases and schedule upgrades at a time that suits their business. Mondago's Software Assurance is designed to protect a customer's investment in its products through the product life cycle. Customers subscribing to Software Assurance will gain the following benefits:

Right to upgrade to the latest 'Major' or 'Minor' version of the product, ensuring the customer can benefit from new product features and functions

Maximise product effectiveness with access to product and technical support

Note: Access to support is for faults and technical support only. Installation or other planned changes may incur additional fees and charges.


Go Connect software is covered by a manufacturer's warranty for a period of ninety days from the date of purchase. Within the Warranty period Mondago will undertake reasonable efforts to resolve any issues that can be attributed to manufacturing defects or, if unsuccessful, provide a refund. Note: warranty does not include the right to upgrade to newer software releases.

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