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When dealing with guests, the little things do matter. Whether it’s a hotel, guest house or any other type of hospitality environment, guests appreciate efficient and reliable service. From booking to departure the whole experience should help to form a positive opinion.

Office Front Desk is a software application which in combination with a Panasonic telephone system helps manage small and medium sized businesses in industries such as hospitality, long term accommodation, serviced offices and any other type of service business involving phone usage billing.

When used in combination with your telephone system it allows staff to focus on managing guest experience and day to day operations.

Compatible with: Panasonic KX-TDA (requires optional LAN Link Card), KX-TDE, KX-NCP and KX-NS1000

Connection: RS232 or TAPI/CSTA across LAN

Office FrontDesk Middleware

Office FrontDesk Middleware provides the software link between the Panasonic telephone system and an existing PMS system (Property Management System). It provides the bi-directional interface which supports features such as call logging, wake up calls, room dirty/clean, maid in room, message waiting and bar/unbar of extensions associated with the rooms when a guest is checked in or out on the PMS. In addition, the middleware comes complete with Office Express which will provide scheduled or on demand call reporting, alarm notifications via email and a graphical dashboard displaying live information for that days calls.

Office FrontDesk PMS

Office FrontDesk PMS is a cost effective yet fully featured ‘Front of House’ application for all the day to day tasks such as call accounting, client billing and reporting which are necessary in any small to medium hospitality or long term residential establishment. FrontDesk PMS is also designed to meet the rigours of serviced office requirements with individual, organisational or bulk billing.


Why Readycrest?

With our expertise and experience you can be assured that any solution will be professionally planned and deployed, and will be administered and maintained after installation meaning you can carry on with business leaving the problems with us.

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