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Retell not only supplies the best in professional telephone recording solutions and services, they also manufacture the hardware, designing and making our own circuit boards and even writing our own low and high level code. Retell is among just eight companies worldwide to make ‘passive’ call recording cards, and only three to produce ‘active’ cards.

Retell telephone recording equipment, is estimated to record over two million people every day, and with more sites using their services this will only increase.

In 1986, Retell’s telephone recording equipment led to their earliest successes, with self-employed telephone sales trainers a ready market for the products they built. These units were sold into call centres nation-wide and then world-wide.

However, the call logging market has since opened up and demand for telephone recording products which improve customer service, often through staff training, has dramatically increased.

This has in turn seen Retell grow continuously. Retell have listened to their customers and researched the market and addressed their demand-led expansion by relocating four times to bigger premises over the years.

Retell are committed to developing to the latest in call recording technology, first-rate design and build standards, as well as ease of use and exceptional customer service.

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