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PABX hacking/phreaking/toll fraud is becoming increasingly widespread and is costing businesses globally £40 billion a year in unexpected telephone bills, £1.2 billion of which is charged to UK companies.

There are even websites dedicated for phone system hacking/PABX dial through fraud which is now becoming big business for organised criminals rather than just a wheeze for Internet geeks. These fraudsters know that most companies are oblivious to the threat of phone system hacking. Telephone network operators whilst perhaps having fraud prevention departments to warn users about unexpected and excessive usage are generally unsympathetic to companies that have been hacked and make the unfortunate victim pay.

No matter what you refer to it as, PBX Hacking Phone Hacking, phreaking, dial-through fraud, toll fraud- it all means the same thing: unfortunate and innocent businesses losing billions of pounds a year. It’s a hugely profitable activity for organized criminals, who hack into your telephone system and create a huge phone bill stuffed with illegal, premium rate calls to just about any location in the world. The worst thing is: you’ll be expected to pay.

The hackers/phreakers can strike any system, and at any time. However, they usually mount an attack outside of office hours on public holidays, evenings or weekends as the likelihood of detection is lower. Retell Voice Firewall stops the hackers immediately, ensuring you retain full control of your telephone system. Even before they carry out an attack by dialling the expensive numbers, the hackers will have already penetrated your telephone system without your knowledge. This is usually done via the programming ports or your voicemail boxes, as access codes are easily cracked no matter how often they are changed. Hackers then configure your system for their own use so they can use it for their own traffic at any time.

Retell Voice Firewall recognises unauthorised numbers and prevents them connecting to the main system, therefore nulling any opportunity the hacker has to penetrate the system. You can further configure the system to your own requirements and preferences. For example, you can determine which numbers should be blocked during office hour and out of office hours, so you won’t lose potential business from new callers that the system doesn’t recognise. Furthermore, Voice Firewall creates an event log showing blocked calls and numbers.

Retell Voice Firewall has been specifically designed to be simple to install, and to work with any telephone system. Voice Firewall connects easily between the phone system and the network termination point, with no need to turn off trunk to trunk dialling if your system is using this functionality. What’s more, Voice Firewall does not limit any of the existing functionality of your telephone system. An overview of the benefits are shown to the right hand side.

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